Learning is fun. 

Our philosophy is based on the idea that young children need a stimulating, exciting, and nurturing environment for their emotional and physical growth. Exploration and peer social interactions support an enriching and dynamic learning experience.  

Our academic and development programme caters to children between the ages of 27 months to 6 years. Learning is fun for the child, while at the same time we ensure that each child gets the most benefit out of the curriculum. This approach encourages each child to excel academically, emotionally, and physically. 

Our professionally trained and loving team will nurture and guide your child in achieving the best that he or she is capable of. Your child will be provided with ample opportunities to participate in diverse activities, make friends, and learn new skills. 


Freedom of Thought


Resourceful Reading


Originality of Mind


Believe in Yourself


Explore the Environment


Love Learning

The motto of Frobel Play School is “Play and Learn” based on Friedrich Froebel’s educational philosophies whose principle was “Know Thyself”, thus believing in each child’s individuality. This preschool following his principles provides an informal environment for your child to learn through play, practical experiences, and work. 

Our early childhood curriculum is integrated, theme-based and sequential. It is certified by The Early Childhood Education Association. Lessons are interactive, fun, and designed while keeping the development level of children in mind. There is an interesting balance between play and academic delivery. There is a strong focus on social skills, confidence building, and learning by doing. Each child feels safe and loved and is celebrated for his unique capabilities and interests.  

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