Academic Programme

Bengali Curriculum

We celebrate Bengali culture at Frobel Play School and encourage children to take pride in their Bengali legacy. Children are exposed to their national language through rhymes and stories. Equal importance is given in creating an enriched Bengali curriculum consisting of creative resources, workbooks, stories and best pedagogical practices.

Community Engagement

Teaching children interaction with their social community is crucial. We are committed to become good role models for the children and we encourage them to contribute to their community by either participating in activities that help others in school or outside. Sometimes we do charity drives and children are encouraged to contribute in an active manner.

Summer Programme

We usually conduct a summer camp for children of our school and some outside children are also accepted. Each year the theme for the summer camp is announced on our Facebook page.

Upper KG

This is the year where children get an insight to formal learning. They learn to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing competencies. Mathematical understanding will also be developed through concrete experiences, stories, games and rhymes. Many social and science topics will be taught through practical approach and various creative child centered activities.

Lower KG

Now our young minds are ready to gain mastery on their receptive and expressive skills. Here they will learn not only to write letters, words, and numbers but also develop vocabulary, logical thinking skills, problem solving skills through discussions, games, role-playing, stories and picture talks. A lot of practical hands on experience will further inspire children to think and explore the environment.


During this year more emphasis is given on pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Focus is also given on the importance of building character along with content through various practices mainly, Conglom, Explorative Play, Sensorial activities, and Hands on opportunities. Children become emergent writers, start writing numbers and letters at their own pace, and begin blending.

Play Group

We focus on developing the child’s social, language and emotional competency in the first year of his/her school life. Building relationships with the environment and people around them is one of the key focuses along with developing listening and language skills. We work on building the gross and fine motor skills in this year through various material explorations.

Frobel Play School follows the Jolly English & Jolly Phonics Learning Programme to enhance the English learning experience of students. This programme is used up to Kindergarten.

Academic Partners

Our Academic partners allow us to provide the best for our children. Some of our noteworthy partners are:

Sunderji’s Global Academia

Sunderji’s Global Academia is a prestigious group that has a Nursery School, Open School for children with Special Needs, Sunderji’s Teachers’ Training Institute, Sunderji Early Intervention Centre for children with special needs, Sunderji Training and Development Centre, and Suyog Sunderji Wisdom School.

They have supported us with a curriculum for early childhood education and continue to audit our activities to ensure a high standard.

Riverside School-Ahmedabad, India

Riverside School, over the past 18 years, has designed, implemented and shared a unique user centered curriculum that is providing schools with an alternative model which focuses on quality of learning AND student well being. The practices have been recognized worldwide and the school has regularly been honoured for its academic achievement as well as its unique philosophy of ‘Doing Good AND Doing Well’

Riverside Learning Centre offers short and long term training programmes for teachers, school leaders and the school as a whole.
They have supported us with a curriculum for early childhood education and continue to audit our activities to ensure a high standard.
Frobel Academy

Frobel Academy is our sister concern and caters to children from class 1 onwards. Frobel Play School Upper KG students are given preference for admissions.

Frobel Training Academy

Frobel Training Academy is committed to developing our teachers as well as those from other institutions so that we can ensure quality education to the children of our prestigious city. Frobel Training Academy offers short term courses that are periodically announced as well as a long term, one year certificate in Pre-Primary and Primary Teachers’ Training Course.

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