Keeping in mind our goal of adopting an inclusive education programme, we at Frobel Play School are proud to announce that an Enrichment Centre has been established in order to help children with learning disabilities and special education needs.

The Enrichment Centre (EC) has a diverse, trained staff that is available to support the children who need a little bit of extra help in academics. The EC teachers work in coordination with class teachers so that the child who needs individual attention is catered to in a meaningful manner. 

The inspiration for establishing the Enrichment Centre came from Ms. Geet Oberoi , founder of ORKIDS multidisciplinary clinic, who helped us coach our teachers. Over the years we have organized various special education workshops and conferences so that we can guide and train our teachers who will help our special needs children.

For this purpose we have trained special educators. Mrs. Shad Perwaiz who has a diploma in Special Education Needs Coordinator Course from India. She is the Coordinator for the Remedial Centre. She also underwent a one month ‘HOT’ programme in Delhi, India working with children with special needs under the guidance of Ms. Geet Oberoi. 

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