Field trips and outings

Each class is taken on field trips multiple times in a year to ensure that children experience practically that which they are learning in the classrooms. During field trips, utmost care is taken to ensure the safety and security of the children and they are accompanied by teachers and support staff.


The students play sports on a regular basis to ensure their physical development and to pique their interest for taking up the sport later in a formal school.


Yoga classes are held for Kindergarten children. It helps them to get some physical exercise and also develops flexibility. Moreover yoga helps building the ability to concentrate.

Explorative Play

It’s crucial to allow children to explore the environment through play.  That is how they learn about the world they live in. It allows them to use all their senses. During explorative play, they examine objects, toys, and resources, by listening, moving, touching, and feeling. This helps them to learn. They understand their own ability to influence the world around them.


Values and ethics are the bedrock of character building. We believe that it’s important to teach young children the values we expect them to embody. Congloms are lessons specifically designed to teach values such as honesty, sharing, caring, accepting responsibility, discipline, value of friendships, kindness etc.

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