Learning Centres


The school library has a diverse and interesting mix of story books and resources. Children are encouraged to visit the library on a weekly basis.

Food Court

It’s a well developed area meant to teach children about kitchen and cooking as well as help them understand the process of food preparation. All classes visit the Chef’s Corner from time to time and create their own recipes.

Doll House

A lively, colourful play zone for children to socialise with peers and enjoy toys. 

Sensory Wall

The Sensory Wall is built along the internal staircase as well as in the outdoor play area and allows children to experience different textures, fabrics, and materials.

Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room is a sensory place designed to accommodate children of various ages so that trained professionals can provide them with occupational therapy. Special equipment is placed in the room and children are supervised at all times and their progress monitored on a weekly basis. The Wiggle Room staff is mentored by Amrapali Lahiri, Occupational Therapist, Milestones, India.

Enrichment Centre

The Enrichment Centre (EC) has a diverse, trained staff that is available to support the children who need a little bit of extra help in academics. The EC teachers work in coordination with class teachers so that the child who needs individual attention is catered to in a meaningful manner. The Enrichment Centre staff is mentored by Bipahsa Mukherjee, a special educator from Ahmedabad, India. Speech therapist Milind Sonawane, Ireland, provides support for those who need it.

Creativity Room

A warm, colourful space to bring out the creative genius in each child and encourage all learners towards art and craft. A lot of learning is embedded in each activity.

Construction Room

An area where learners can have fun and use their creativity to make structures. Various kind of building material supports teachers to ignite the natural curiosity of children and helps them develop essential communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way.

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