We believe in developing a strong partnership with parents because a child learns best at school if the learning is reinforced at home. We expect all our parents to remain involved with their child’s developmental journey. In order to encourage a fruitful home-school partnership, regular parent information sessions will be held, and a Parent Committee will act in co-operation with the school’s Leadership Team.

Some of the activities that give parents an opportunity to form partnerships with us are:

Classroom Observations: Parents are invited once a year to come and sit in the classrooms so that they may observe their child in the school environment.

One to One Parent Sessions: Parents are invited to sit with the class teacher to discuss progress of the child as well as communicate over any areas of concern.

Open Day on Tuesday: Parents are encouraged to come on Tuesday on any given week if they have any concern about their child’s progress so that they may share with the class teacher and get her feedback on the same.

Parent Training Workshops: If the learners are learning something in the classroom that requires reinforcement at home then parents are invited for a workshop so that they may learn from the teacher. This provides a uniform learning platform for the child at home and in school.

Our goal has always been to ensure the best environment for learning for the learners and parents’ involvement is an important part of our strategy. We invite volunteers for many activities, and if your child is in our school, we encourage you to contact the school office and register your name as a potential volunteer.

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