We understand that securing admission to a good school is important to most parents. We are proud that you have considered us a suitable partner for your child’s educational journey. We hope that the following questions will make it easier for you to understand our process.

We receive a great number of applications, and out of those 70% are selected in Play Group. The parents’ alignment with our philosophy plays a big role in this decision. Available seats in other classes are extremely limited. If you wish to put your child in another class, you can download the Enquiry Form and submit it. It will put you on a waiting list, but seats are not guaranteed.

There are many factors that are considered, such as, parents’ understanding of our vision, parents’ willingness to be supportive of the school, the boys to girls’ ratio, and also special needs students’ ratio.

Our teachers are trained to encourage children by giving positive feedback and bolstering self-esteem of young learners. It is the teacher’s job to tell your child that he/she is bright and is doing well. Their feedback is not a reflection on the assessment process for the admission.

The criteria being observed are: Social skills, Movement and Coordination, Language Development, and understanding of Pre-Mathematical concepts.

The observation is done through play and we encourage parents to not stress the children before the interview. A relaxed and happy child is likely to present his/her best skills.
We realize that children are at different stages in their developmental journey and due consideration is given to a child’s age. We are interested in determining the overall intellectual and academic potential of the child.
Siblings are given a degree of preference but no admission is guaranteed.

If you do not wish to avail the opportunity of following through on the admission process for any reason, kindly inform the School Office in advance so that a child on the waiting list can be accommodated.

We thank you for your support.

Frobel Management

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