Choosing the right preschool is the MOST important decision you will make as a parent.

At Frobel Play School, it is our endeavor to assist you in raising a child who is responsible, disciplined, well-behaved and yet is creative, stimulated, curious, socially confident, and well-equipped to handle the pressures of the academic requirements that he or she will be facing once they leave our school and seek admission elsewhere. You may visit our Reviews section to get feedback of our parents.

  • Spacious, air-conditioned classrooms with security cameras and speakers connected to a central sound system.
  • Highly trained and qualified staff, including special educators.
  • Teaching materials that are of international standards.
  • Frobel Enrichment Centre provides one to one session to children with learning disabilities and special needs.
  • Wiggle Room provides support to the sensory needs of children.
  • Facilities for various interests like; Music room, Library, Reading room, Arts & Crafts, Audio visuals, etc. for children to explore each field.
  • Indoor play area depicting real life scenarios such as Chef’s Corner, Frobel Apartment, Super Store and Doll House.
  • Contemporary playground equipment that includes trampoline, rope scrambler, water play centre, tyre activity, roundabout, slides, and sand pit.
  • Pet Corner that includes hens, rabbits, ducks, pigeons, parrots, quails, etc.
  • Regular field trips that enrich the everyday experiences of each child.
  • Technology integrated with the curriculum.
  • Yoga classes offered to kindergarten children.

All students at Frobel are molded in such ways that they are able to secure admission to any type of school whether it is national or any international curriculum, not only in our country but also abroad.

We welcome you to come visit us and see the school premises and facilities to discover more.

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